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Hello, I'm Pearce Hessling and I am a theatre maker and performer who works in and around Melbourne.

I focus on devised work that revolves around an immersive experience, from group engagements like murder mystery nights, to intimate one on one performances. 

Along with the spritely Catherine Holder, I am the founder and co-artistic director of Little Dirt Path. We are specialising on bringing immersive and interactive works to Melbourne that focuses on human connection and through actor-audience and audience-audience relationships. 

We also are striving to create art that is sustainable and more importantly, accessible for everyone.

We want you to join us for the fun!


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Murder in Cell Block 'M'

Murder in Cell Block 'M' was the first instalment of themed murder mystery nights ran by Pearce Hessling for 'House of Correction'.

Trapped in the walls of Cell Block 'M', we invite our prisoners to the jail to be apart of their very own immersive murder mystery night. Guests will be prisoners and attempt to solve a murder throughout the night through clues, interactions with other guests and our actors. 


To keep your head on, you will need to find the killer before the end of the night. Let’s hope it’s not you.

"A typical night out with friends: cocktails, a dimly lit bar, craft beer, murder, a terrifying jail location ... wait, what?" - Cassidy Knowlton, TimeOut Melbourne.

"The word around the cellblock is...there will be blood."

Who Sleighed Santa?

It’s that festive time of the year and what could be better than solving a murder? Especially when the victim is the jolly man in red himself, Santa Claus.

On the night, you’ll be given the identity of one of the classic Christmas fable characters, like one of Santa’s reindeers or even an elf.


Over the course of the night, you will go through clues to get closer to solving Santa’s murder, and you’ll do it all with a cocktail or a limited edition craft beer from Moon Dog Brewery in your hand.

A festive immersive experience.