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Hello, my name is Catherine Holder and I'm a theatre maker and performer from Melbourne, Australia. I also write short plays, direct and act! Anything that gets me excited and passionate I will take part in.

My current artistic practice focuses on exploring human interaction and facilitating connection through interactive and immersive experiences; either one-to-one or with intimate groups of audiences. I strive to create art with a strong focus on accessibility and sustainable practices, using recycled and repurposed materials for production. 

Here you can find out more about my work independent from Little Dirt Path. 

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Sonder is an immersive and participatory experience for one person at a time. It is a relaxing and welcoming safe space, exploring comfort, human connection, and vulnerability.  

"An opportunity to begin to contemplate and explore our relationship with others" Myron My

"This 15 minute escape is a massage for the soul anybody can slip into their day." Samsara Dunstan

"The concept of time seems to slowly drift away and leaves you feeling relaxed, warm and centered." Everything Adelaide

"It’s a peaceful, gentle and occasionally disarming insight into human interaction." Fritz Magazine